You are very helpful and kind person and I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for renting out your bike to me for the past months and for being so nice. I will sure remember you as part of my Erasmus Experience 😀

Although I had a minor accident with my bicycle due to the rain and tram lines (grrr!) I still enjoyed it a lot and using a bicycle in Holland gives you a better perspective of everything 🙂
Im sure other students will enjoy it too!

Raisa – From Malta




First off I want to commend you and your initiative. Without bcycleit, I would have been forced to purchase a bike with my limited funds that was more than likely stolen or more likely would have walked everywhere because I wouldn’t have known where to begin to look for purchasing a bike. Even if all went well, I would still have had to worry about selling it when I left. Your company saved me money, confusion, frustration, and worry. I rode my rented bicycle to class every day, to the houses of my new found friends, and to historical Dutch locations such as the windmills at Kinderdijk. It helped me assimilate into the culture of Holland as I rode to the market to pick up a few items to strap onto my bicycle. My bicycle rack held anything from beer on the way to a party held by my new friends, a water bottle for a long journey exploring the city, to books from the courses that day. Your service was a great addition to my experience abroad. That first week there I was confronted with purchasing a phone, adjusting to the culture, purchasing my groceries in Dutch, and a foreign currency. You made me have one less thing to worry about. The experience was wonderful and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone traveling there. “

Thank you,
Danielle Sword(USA)

Daniele Sword 2


My name is Romina Natso and i was having my erasmus in the Hague university at the autumn 2011. I come from Greece and i would like to share my experience with you about me and my wonderful bicycle “mouse”. We called it like this with my friend, because it was a small bike as it was my first one!!!!

Yes it is true… i didn’t know how to ride a bike before that, but in Netherlands i did and it was a wonderful experience..

Romina Small Straight1People from B-Cycle-It, were very friendly with me and help me to find the ideal bike for my case… They were very quick with the procedure of renting and of course very reasonable with the price of the rent. Moreover, what really surprised me is that they were always there in case you need it to ask or fix something. Most of the people in the house i was living were renting their bikes with B-Cycle-It and were very satisfied with their choice too.

My bike was very nice and in a really good condition and it offered me a lot of wonderful moments in Netherlands. First of all it was my first experience in a bike which made me start
a new chapter in my life. With my bike, i wasn’t only going at my duties in a short time but moreover i was wandering around whenever i was feeling that i wand to do it, i was discovering new places and we were going around as a team to mini excursions.

My best experience with my bike was a bike tour in small villages near to Amsterdam.. it was one of the most unique moments in my life because i never expect it that i could do something like that. And also i saw a lot of beautiful places and my best moment was riding at the night next to the sea only with the light from the moon…

Without my bike from B-Cycle-It any of those would be possible…
I miss Netherlands very much and for sure my first bike that i will never forget 🙂

Romina Natso(Greece)


I was really lucky to find BCycleIt during my time in Den Haag. I struggled to find a bike for reasonable value that and I didn’t want to have to deal with taking the risk that I could sell one I’d bought. It was simple to organise and I got a great pink and purple bicycle. Having a bike in Holland, especially as an exchange student is very important. It helped me to get around to classes, friend’s houses, into the city and even doubled as a taxi for going out at night! It was a great bike that worked well and it was great that it came with lights and a fantastic lock included in the price. The staff were really helpful also. I would highly recommend BCycleIt, particularly for exchange students. Don’t waste your first few weeks in Den Haag looking for a bike- go straight to BCycleit!

Courtney Ward(Australia)

My name is Patricia Woiton from Berlin, Germany and I stayed in The Hague for my ERASMUS exchange from August 2012 till January 2013. This time has been amazing, full of experiences and moments I’ll never forget.

One thing that has always been part of this experience, was my bike that I rented from B-Cycle-It. In Holland, as a matter of fact, you definitely need a bike to really experience the way of living. Whether it is for a short trip to a nearby city or the everyday way to university or parties at the city center. But as an exchange student who was only there for 6 months it’s not necessary to buy your own bike because a good bike is too expensive to buy it for a short period of time. And what should you do with it afterwards? Take it home? Too much effort. Sell it? Probably don’t get much for it anymore. And you have to pay in case you have to fix the bike. And B-Cycle-It answered all this. You can rent a really good bike for a reasonable price. You get a locket. You can give the bike back when you leave. And they fix it, if something happens. Perfect.
Someone recommended them to me and so did I when people I know went to The Hague for the ERASMUS programme this year. I think this speaks for itself.

Altogether I was very satisfied with B-Cycle-It. Thanks very much for everything!
I hope you’ll be able to offer your bikes to many more people.

Good luck,

Patria Wolton