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King’s day – one of the most popular event in Netherlands! So many things and places for you to see. It is celebrated on April 27 because the king of Netherlands Willem-Alexander was born. The 3 major cities we recommend that you should visit:

  • The Hague
  • Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam

The Hague

In this city, there is so much to do! The city center – busiest place (including free market). Near the Central Station there is a park called Malieveld (it is around 4 minutes by foot from station). It usually has 5 different music stages; the entrance is for free and you can enjoy different music and also food.

Also, try biking to park called Westbroek, it is smaller than Malieveld but nice and near the beach. Beside these parks, you can go to the beach!! At day time it offers you fun activities, different food and drinks and at night you can enjoy nightlife – all clubs will be working there (sounds fun to me). Also, all the clubs in the city center will be working – so don’t forget your party mood on!


One of the most popular things to do here is to go to Kroon Festival! It’s a deep house music under the sky. ☺ Also, there is going to be Code Orange Festival, Sweetkingsday, Kralingse Bos Festival and many more! All you need to do is google it up – it’s the key to all answers.


And here it is… A city that attracts around 2 million people in one day!! The parties start in the morning and ends up the next one. Live music will be everywhere, all the parks will be crowded, streets and even canals! The most popular places to be are Museum Square and Rembrandt Square. For the parties check website “ Iamsterdam.com


Keep in mind that cycling can also be difficult with the mess of people, trash and broken glass in the streets. In major cities, public transport will be crowded and almost impossible to use.

Kings Day Impressions


Important, wear something orange since it’s a symbol for the Dutch royal family, which uses the name “House of Orange-Nassau”.

Go Big or go home

Make sure you dress up to stand out! There will be a variety of styles this day, but many people will be wearing clothes closer to a costume than a fashion statement, meaning: Big hats, ridiculous pants, suspenders, oversized suits, orange glasses etc. No orange is no fun, so get into the spirit and be sure to add a touch of the royal colour to your outfit!


Also, remember that for this magical day drinking will be allowed in public (just don’t forget to do it responsibly).

We hope you enjoyed this post.

Have fun celebrating King’s day! ☺