Rent Prices 2015 – 2016

Price list B-Cycle-It 2015 - Season 2-2*SRP = Small Repairs Package
** Only for reservations made before 20th of September, will the SRP remain €25 after
5 months instead of €50. 
For all reservations after 20th of September the Normal price will be in affect as above.


To clear things we deleted the “Deluxe Package” and create the two “Plus Packages”.
In short the “Basic” are the Dutch City bikes we provide and
the “Traditional” are the City bikes (28 inch) with 3 speeds.

The “Plus” means with small repairs included in the rent.
Repairs like flat tire, Lights not working due to empty batteries (Which could happen often)
And Most repairs and adjustments that we do not need to replace the parts.
If parts need to be replaced due to the item broke or is missing ,
then cost of part will need to be paid by the renter, but we do not charge for labor costs, so FREE Installment.