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"My bike was very nice and in a really good condition and it offered me a lot of wonderful moments in Netherlands. First of all it was my first experience on a bike which made me start a new chapter in my life."

-Romina (Greece)

"I thank B-Cycle-It for making things so easy and allowing us to enjoy our exchange to the fullest! Those bikes took me everywhere for 5 months!"

-Stuart (Canada)

"In the country where I come from, Portugal, we are not used to having bikes as our main means of transportation but, having set foot in the Netherlands, it was clear that was the only way to do it."

-Ana Sofia (Portugal)

"I would highly recommend B-Cycle-It, particularly for exchange students. Don’t waste your first few weeks in Den Haag looking for a bike- go straight to B-Cycle-it!"


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Please note a deposit of €50 is also required - You will get it back when the bike is returned.

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